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Historical dates


15 2001 Sisters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart arrived. (Srs. Anne, Valerian, Bernie)

16 15 1973 2 Parishes - Good Shepherd & St. Joseph's amalgamated for Team Ministry.

17 1973 Pastoral Team arrived (Frs. Kerwick, Creen, Patterson, Brown).

18 1960 Christian Brothers Higgins, Warren & Roth arrived to open St. Kieran's College.

19 1973 FMM Sisters arrived to set up Marillac House (closed 1996).

22 1986 Yallambee & Orana Park Aboriginal Corporation received certificate of Incorporation.

24 1992 Sr Helen Parer (Loreto sister).  MICHS Aboriginal Unit, left 24 January 1995.

25 2005 M.I.C.H.S. Grade 12 commences.

25 1960 St. Kieran's Christian Brothers' College opened - 132 boys attended. (closed 7 Dec. 1984)

27 2004 M.I.C.H.S. Grade 11 started.

27 1964 Good Shepherd Primary School, Corbould Street opened. (closed 7 Dec1984)

27 1965 San Jose Secondary School opened (Grades 8 and 9 only)

29  1932 Sisters of St. Joseph arrived to open first school.

31 1932 St. Joseph's School/Church and Convent opened and blessed by Bishop McGuire.


1 1932 St. Joseph's Primary School, Railway Avenue opened - 90 pupils attended. (closed 7 dec 1984)

4 1985 M.I.C.H.S, St. Joseph's, St. Kieran's schools all opened.

12 1930 Pope Pius XI signed Formal Decree for the Diocese of Townsville.

14 1930 Bishop Terry McGuire appointed first Bishop of Townsville.

15 1990 AICC Ipika Murrabi Creations commenced, operated until 19 September 2002.

20 1983 present R.C.I.A. Program commenced.

24 1972 San Jose Convent opened and blessed.

25 1991 Catholic Family Care office opened (now Centacare Family Services).


11 1973 Marillac House Opening & Blessing by Bishop Faulkner.

17 1942 St. Joseph's School & Convent taken over by Australian Army. (Sisters & children to Good Shepherd buildings)

17 1985 M.I.C.H.S., St. Joseph's & St. Kieran's schools formally opened and blessed by Bishop Benjamin.

18 1997 St. Kieran's Pre-School opened and blessed by Bishop Benjamin.

18 2003 Centacare Family Services & Centacare Employment renovations opened & blessed by Bishop Putney (it     


19 2003 St. Joseph's Pre-School opened and blessed by Bishop Putney.

27 2001 Bishop Michael Putney installed as fifth Bishop of Townsville Diocese.

29 1988 AICC meeting Evelyn Nemo sowed the seed for  a Night Shelter for the Homeless Alcoholics - the Ngalgamoo Night Shelter Committee met 9 May 1991.  From this came the Arthur Petersen Special Care Centre.


22 1917 Good Shepherd Church, Duchess, opened & blessed by Bishop Shiel. (later moved to Mount Isa).

30 1961 Church of St. Therese, Camooweal, opened & blessed by Bishop Ryan.


           1 1962 St. Martin de Porres Church, Dajarra, blessed by Bishop Ryan.

           2 1986 old St. Joseph's Hall moved to Wellington Oval.

            5 1998 Centapact Employment office opened. (now Centacare Employment).

11 2004 Beef  Drive commences in Julia Creek arriving Longreach 23 June (organised by Centacare Employment and the Lower Gulf Indigenous Beef Alliance

11 1984 Bishop Raymond Benjamin ordained as fourth Bishop of Townsville Diocese.

19 1957 second St. Joseph's Church opened & blessed by Bishop Ryan.

24 1996 First Retreat by Western Ministry for Spirituality - Sr. Carmel Street.

25 1930 Bishop Terry McGuire consecration in the Cathedral, Townsville, first Bishop for Diocese of Townsville.


4 1992 Parish Library and Resource Centre opened.

18 1999 Br Bill Tynan (last religious principal at MICHS).

19 1982 FMM's moved out of Marillac House to 32 Isobel Street.  

19 1982 Marillac House board of management set up.  (Marillac House Aboriginal Corp., January 1988).

19 1994 Radio Rhema, Mount Isa, first broadcast.

23 1985 First A.I.C.C. Bush Mass held Mica Creek - Fr. Terry Lyons. 29 1992 Arthur Petersen passed away.  Waanyi Elder.


 1959 Good Shepherd & St. Joseph's parishes separated. (rejoined in 1973)

15 1977 St. Kieran's P & F organised first "Moondarra Marathon" 20km walk to the Lake.

   13  1930 Good Shepherd Church moved from Duchess to Camooweal Street, Mount Isa, and Presbytery opened and blessed by Bishop McGuire

13 1938 Bishop Hugh Ryan appointed by Pope as second Bishop of Townsville Diocese.

     1965 San Jose secondary School officially opened and dedicated by Bishop H. Ryan.

19 1989 Parish Craft Group started and still going strong.

27 1974 Official Mass to welcome Missionary of Franciscan Sisters to Dajarra.

27 1987 A.I.C.C. Jangawalla Drop-In Centre opened.

1988 first Immigrant Sunday gatherings (became our Multi Culltural Festival celebrations) Naidoc Week Mass each year.


17 1964 San Jose Secondary School opened (Grade 8 only)


1990 Multi Cultural Day celebrations (Sunday Mass, ethnic morning tea and displays) 6 1996 first big Multicultural Festival held on Friday night.

7 1958 Church of St. Peter, Mary Kathleen, opened & blessed by Bishop Ryan. (Closed in 1984 moved to St. Joe's). 9 1976 Deacon Jim Erskine ordained in Mount Isa by Bishop Faulkner.

10 1989 AICC - five Elders commissioned and blessed by Fr. Alan Sheldrick and Waanyi Elder Arthur Petersen Colleen Muckan, Nola Archie, Evelyn Nemo, Edith  Hankin,  and Peter Smith)

16 1984 first big celebration of NAIDOC Mass held at St. Joseph's Church.20 1955 Church of Good Shepherd, Boulia, opened and blessed by Bishop Ryan.

27 1959 Christian Brothers School and Residence opened & blessed by Bishop Ryan.

29 1989 Police Rememberance Day Services commences in Queensland.


              1 2000 Spiritual Companions courses commenced by Western Spirituality Team Ministry.

              2 1996 Compassionate Friends Group started.

7 1962 second Good Shepherd Church opened & blessed by Bishop Ryan. (Now MICHS hall).

9 1978 Catholic Team Ministry Centre, Simpson Street, opened & blessed by Bishop Faulkner.

9 1999 Prayer Leadership Group started by Western Spirituality Team Ministry.

13 1991 Catholic Family Care renamed Centacare.

   20   2001 Prayer Leadership Graduation. (Michael Ridgway, Sue Dando, Yvonne Dunn, Mary Richardson, Rhonda Skinner.

26 1985 Last Mass in old St. Joseph's Church, Church Street.


14 A.I.C.C. office moved into Room 8 at the Parish Centre.

28 1967 Bishop Leonard Faulkner appointed third Bishop of Townsville Diocese.

29 1960 first Mount Isa Council of Clergy meeting held.

30 1942 Australian Army handed back the St. Joseph's complex.

30 1985 Good Shepherd Church, Presbytery & Parish Centre opened & blessed by Bishop Benjamin.


2 2000 Farewell Mass to Josephites & FMMs. (Sisters Lynette Freestone, Janine Bliss

5 2003 Br Mick Talty and Sr Anne O'Loughlin left.  (Last religious teachers at MICHS) 7 1984 four schools closed - St. Joseph's, Good Shepherd, San Jose and St. Kierans.

12 1988 Sr Therese Gorman left St Joseph's (all lay Principals and teachers since).