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Smoking in the Workplace

The Diocesan Finance and Property Council has recently considered its responsibilities under the Workplace Health and Safety Act (1995) with regard to smoking in the workplace. The following sections of the Workplace Health and Safety Act seem most relevant:

Obligations of employers:

28. (1) An employer has an obligation to ensure the workplace health and safety of each of the employer's workers at work.

(2) Also, an employer has an obligation to ensure his or her own workplace health and safety and the workplace health and safety of others is not affected by the way the employer conducts the employer's undertaking.

Obligations of workers and other persons at a workplace:

36. A worker or anyone else at a workplace has the following obligations at a workplace;

(a) to comply with the instructions given for workplace health and safety at the workplace by the employer at the workplace and, if the workplace is a construction workplace, the principal contractor for workplace health and safety at the workplace.

(d) not to wilfully place at risk the workplace health and safety of any person at the workplace;

(e) not to wilfully injure himself or herself.

In consideration of the above requirements of the Workplace Health and Safety Act (1995) it was decided to adopt a policy on behalf of the Roman Catholic Trust Corporation for the Diocese of Townsville that:

·         There will be NO SMOKING within the workplace by any employee of the Roman Catholic Trust Corporation for the Diocese of Townsville or any of its agencies.

·         There will be NO SMOKING in any Church/Diocesan buildings which are used by employees or volunteers.

·         NO SMOKING signs are to be displayed where appropriate.

This Policy regarding NO SMOKING IN THE WORKPLACE is to be brought to the attention of all Diocesan employees and volunteers, and will be monitored by the Diocesan Workplace Health and Safety Officer.

This Policy will be effective from 1 March 1997.


This website is subject to the Privacy Policy of the Catholic Diocese of Townsville

Diocesan Privacy Policy

The Diocese of Townsville respects the privacy rights of all individuals associated with parish community life and / or workplaces falling within the auspices of the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Trust Corporation for the Diocese of Townsville.

In accordance with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, the Diocese has adopted and is bound by the ten (10) national Privacy Principles established by the Federal Privacy Commission and is set out in Act - see

It is our intention that all personal, sensitive and health information of parishioners, clients, members of religious institutes, parents / guardians, contractors, students, staff and prospective employees (considered 'consumers' under the Act) is to be private and only to be used for those purposes the information was collected and recorded for so as to fulfil the mission and directions of the Catholic Diocese of Townsville.

The Diocese intends to collect personal information in a fair and lawful manner. Prior to the collection of information the purpose of the collection, access details and other information relating to the collection will be disclosed. Sensitive information will not be collected unless the consumer has consented, it is required by law, or in other specified circumstances (e.g. health and safety). Information held in relations to its consumers includes, but is not limited to details of children and their parents and / or guardians, personal background matters, contribution to fundraising and work history including references.

This information may be held for a number of reasons, including ensuring all parties meet their obligations under relevant legislation; the receipt of sacraments or pastoral care; and, work to be undertaken by staff or volunteers in a parish / agency.

The Diocese will only use or disclose information for the purpose it was collected and will not disclose or distribute to a third party any such information that is supplied, without our consumer's specific consent or unless we are required to do so by law. Reasonable steps will be taken to protect personal, sensitive and health information from unauthorised access, loss, misuse, disclosure or alteration. We may distribute aggregated statistical information for reporting purposes, but personally identifying information will not be distributed to third parties.

Consumers may at any time request access to their personal, sensitive or health information. If a consumer believes that any of the personal, sensitive or health information held by us it incomplete or inaccurate, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy legislation, they have the right to notify us and make any updates or corrections.

Individual privacy issues can be discussed in the first instance with a parish's Priest or an Agency's responsible line manager. Alternatively, if an individual believes that their privacy has been breached and this matter is unable to be resolved at an Agency or local Parish level, a complaint may be made in writing to an appropriate Diocesan Officer. In order for such complaints to be properly investigated, they should identify the person whose privacy appears t have been breached. Anonymous complaints will not be dealt with.

If you would like further information about the way the Diocese of Townsville manages personal information it holds, please contact the Diocese of Townsville via email, telephone the Privacy Officer directly at the Diocese of Townsville on 4726 3200, or write to the Privacy Officer - Diocese of Townsville at PO Box 6149, Townsville Q 4810


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